X-Terra 705 Universal Gold Pack Metal Detector

  • VFLEX technology – change coils for different frequencies
  • Interchangeable with low, mid, and high frequency coils
  • Manual ground balance adjustment range is from 1-90
  • Two main modes along with five pre-set patterns
  • Lightweight design – weights just 1.3kg

The X-Terra 705 is a high-performance metal detector from renowned manufacturer Minelab. Known for their professional-grade detectors at consumer-friendly prices, Minelab are certainly a reputable brand worth investing in if you are serious about metal detecting, and the X-Terra 705 is a fantastic model to get started with.

Designed to be easy for beginners while reliable for experienced users, the X-Terra 705 comes with a great range of functions that make hunting for gold and relics much easier. Advanced features only improve the chances of a great find, whether hunting in fields, beaches, or even just a back garden.

X-Terra 705 Universal Gold Pack Metal Detector ReviewOne of the most impressive aspects of the X-Terra 705 is the use of VFLEX technology. This feature allows the frequencies of the X-Terra 705 to be changed by simply switching out different coils, with low, mid, and high coils all compatible with the detector.

While these need to be purchased separately, it allows you to transform the X-Terra 705 into three different detectors with a good range of frequencies. This is especially appealing for enthusiasts looking to increase their hardware options in a cost-friendly manner, as you would certainly be saving more compared to buying three separate machines.

Another feature that highlights the high-performance nature of the X-Terra 705 is ground balance and tracking balancing. These features allow you to meticulously tune the settings to best accommodate the different types of grounds you may be hunting on, giving a much more versatile performance compared to many other detectors in the same price range.

One of the biggest issues with a metal detector is distinguishing between valuable and junk targets. The X-Terra 705 makes this a non-issue with the adjustable iron masking, which allows the detector to better find those valuable targets in amongst junk and other useless metals.

For better accuracy when hunting there are two pinpoint modes – auto and sizing. The first is a standard auto pinpointing mode for zoning in on smaller objects, while the sizing feature provides detailed information about the size and shape of your target, allowing the user to better gauge what they are hunting for.

The two main modes available on the X-Terra 705 – coin and treasure mode and prospecting mode.

Coin and treasure mode automatically sets the X-Terra 705 to detect coins, jewellery, and other types of relic buried in the ground. You can adjust the discrimination settings using coin and treasure mode, allowing for more precise detecting depending on what you’re searching for.

Prospecting mode is an interesting choice, as it’s designed to scope out gold nuggets, having been tested in the gold prospecting regions in the USA. While this may seem useless for detecting here in the UK, it does function well in these shores, especially in the highly mineralised soils found throughout the country.

Prospecting mode is highly sensitive to smaller objects and there is no target ID function using this mode, although audio still alerts you when the detector picks up a signal.

Both main modes are designed to reject unwanted targets such as ring-pulls and other junk, while an all metal mode is also available should you want to search for anything and everything.

Furthermore, there pre-set patterns installed in the X-Terra 705 that allow you to discriminate between different metals. The first pattern targets non-ferrous materials, namely precious metals like gold and silver, while most ferrous materials are discriminated.

The second pattern also searches for non-ferrous while discriminating certain ferrous materials, namely foil. This does sound similar to the first pattern, but the patterns do distinguish different metal conductivity and composition, and you do get use to the nuance of pattern the more you use them.

The third pattern searches for certain ferrous materials while discriminating most of the unwanted signals from junk like foil, nails, ring-pulls etc., making it especially good for relic hunting. Finally, the fourth pattern discriminates against most ferrous while accepting some, searching for most non-ferrous.

These patterns allow users to get a better feel for the various discriminations available with the X-Terra 705, and the fact they are all customisable is very good news. For instance, you can adjust the ground balance, discrimination, and iron mask in each pattern to find the exact specs for what you’re hunting, which experienced users are certainly going to appreciate using.

The X-Terra 705 is a high-quality metal detector that is as close to a professional model as you can get for such an affordable price.  Great customisation perfectly compliments the high-performance of the detector, while the ability to interchange coils makes it a favour for experienced metal detector users.

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