Below we have reviewed some of the best metal detectors for sale in the UK. We have also put together a comprehensive metal detector buying to help you understand what you need to know before you buy. If you have any questions after the reading the reviews please contact us and we would be happy to offer any help that we can.

Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector

Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector

Metal detectors come in a wide range of styles and designs that are meant to attract every type of metal detector user. Some cost thousands of pounds and allow the user to search for anything in any terrain possible. These machines are for the elite user that uses the device in a professional capacity. However the vast majority of users, even those that have been using metal detectors for years, will not fall into that category. The average user simply wants the chance to buy a nominally priced machine for the chance to strike it rich by finding something buried in the ground. The Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector is the perfect example of the type of machine every user can benefit from, but unlike other brands priced similarly, it has much more to offer.

Optimal Battery Life

The battery life of your metal detector means that you will either have the chance to explore your surroundings for all their worth, or that you will be bringing your machine back for a charge just before you are able to have the chance to make your remarkable discovery. Some metal detectors on the market seem to have all the features that the user wants, but one key component missing is often the battery life of the machine. Garrett is a company known for putting batteries in their machines that can outlast even your ambitions for finding treasure. They have put this technology into the Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector giving you a battery life that outlasts many competitor’s designs.

Lightweight and Manageable

One of the main issues that holds back many metal detector companies is their inability to produce machines that are light enough for the average user. Where it is true that the average person may be able to hold the device, but actually holding it for a long time and searching for treasure, it becomes quite difficult to manage. The older models were plagued with this negative aspect, but more and more metal detectors are turning to newer technology that is surprisingly lightweight. The Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector is among the lightest metal detectors on the market without sacrificing on quality of the machine. You will never have to worry about your arm and body becoming worn down from a long day of treasure hunting.

Performance and Perfect Price

Although many metal detectors on the market will cost thousands like previously discussed, the Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector will not set you back more than a few hundred pounds. At this price, you may think that you will have to sacrifice on the quality of the machine, but Garrett is one of the leading companies in the industry today and they do not believe that their customers should have to go into considerable debt for the chance to strike it rich. This metal detector is the perfect marriage of performance and price making it one of the most affordable metal detectors on the market today.

Designed for Europe

When you think of purchasing a new metal detector you may be thinking about all the features you want or the price you are willing to pay, but the factor of soil makeup may not cross your mind. Garret understands that the soil changes depending on where in the world you are using the detector. Some areas have much more dense soil than others and the penetration of the electromagnet may not work as well, but the Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector was designed specifically for the soil found in European countries so you need not worry about its ability to perform where you decide to use it.

Modes of Use

Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector 5 modes

The Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector is not just a one size fits all device. This metal detector is designed by a company that understands the need for choices, so the designers gave the device five modes that work to give users the experience they truly want. The modes include a jewelry feature that hones in on specific metals associated with fine jewelry. Custom mode is the second mode to discover and it allows you to personalize the experience by combining features. The third mode is specifically designed for relics. In this mode, the Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector will focus its search on older style metals such as bronze and brass. The coin mode is self-explanatory and the zero mode is simply a more updated way of saying that the machine will look for all types of metals.

Where some metal detectors will let you down on features or overall performance. The Garrett EuroACE metal detector is among the best machines you can get. It combines the sophistication of some of the more advanced machines with the simplistic design that does not intimidate those who may be new to the industry. This metal detector may not be the biggest or the most expensive, but the design and the available features more than make up for the lack of a hefty price tag.

Preview Product Price
Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector £279.95

Garrett Ace 250

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Metal detectors come in a variety of sizes and types to fit the needs of the individual using the machine. There are some that are high end and therefore perfect for the more advanced metal detector enthusiasts. On the other end of the spectrum, there are the more budget minded varieties of machines that are more suited for the individual that is just beginning their journey into the wide world of metal detecting. The Garrett Ace 250 falls into the latter category, but do not be dismayed by the fact that most people consider this to be a beginner’s device. It has enough features to allow it to rival many of the more expensive models.


The design of the Garrett Ace 250 is about style working directly with simplicity. The model is largely unchanged from the Garrett Ace 150, but does have a few extra features to the overall design. The Garrett Ace 250 maintains the standard shape of a metal detector in a very light weight capacity. You will find that carrying around this metal detector is quite comfortable and easy when compared to other bulkier models. The yellow and black color scheme add to this remarkable metal detector’s design appeal.

Interchangeable Coil

In the world of metal detectors, you will find many models to be of the one size fits all mentality. Designers of the Garrett Ace 250 understand that you may not always have the ability to upgrade the machine entirely when you need a bit of a boost in your searching ability. That is why the Garrett Ace 250 comes with an interchangeable coil. With the changing of the coil you can upgrade part of the machine without having to purchase a completely new product.

Easy to Use Features

One of the biggest draw to the Garrett 250 is its ease of use. Unlike some of the pricier metal detectors, this machine works on more of a minimalistic design without downgrading quality. The simple design allows for you to get the most usability from the machine without being bombarded by complicated features that add no real value to the overall experience of metal detecting. The six-button configuration, Discrimination, Power, Mode, Pinpoint, Sensitivity, and Eliminate, allows for ease of use with maximum searching ability so you can find the treasures you seek most.

Available Modes

Garrett Ace 250 modes

Some of the budget variety metal detectors do not allow for many modes of use, but the Garrett 250 is not like other inexpensive metal detectors. The machine gives you the choice of how you search with five modes to choose for. The all metal mode detects any metal in the ground. The jewelry mode allows for you to be able to search for more valuable items and ignore such average items as metal bottle caps and other rubbish. Custom setting gives you the ability customize the experience to your needs by combining the modes that you need most. The relics setting concentrates on older metals such as brass or lead so you have a better chance of finding older, and sometimes more valuable items. The final mode is specifically designed for seeking out coins, so you can find that rare coin you have always wanted to add to your collection.

As Sensitive as You Need it to Be

The sensitivity of the metal detector you use is not always able to be adjusted. Many of the older models did not possess the technology for this sort of searching, but the Garrett 250 allows you to adjust the level of sensitivity you would like to search with. The sensitivity feature adjusts to eight varying levels of sensitivity, so you ever have to worry about it being overly sensitive, or under your preferred level while you search.

Is it Waterproof?

There are times where your detecting may take you into areas that are covered with water. Some metal detectors seem to faint at the sight of water, but the Garrett 250 was designed for multiple terrains including water. The coil and the shaft are waterproof so you can continue to detect when things get a little wet. Although the lower portion of the machine is water proof, the control box unfortunately is not. There are some covers sold separately from the machine that enable it to be waterproof as well.

The Garrett 250 is a remarkably well designed metal detector that many claim is only for beginners, but once you have had the pleasure of using the device for yourself, you will find that all levels of experience can benefit from this metal detector. The ease of use coupled with the lightweight design mean that you can take it anywhere without worrying about maneuverability like with larger machines. You will love the Garrett 250 no matter what experience you have with metal detecting.

Preview Product Price
Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector £234.00

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Fisher F2 Metal Detector

If you are new to the metal detecting phenomenon you are going to encounter quite a bit of knowledge while conducting your research into the best machine for the job. Expert metal detector users sometimes forget that they were once newbies as well and will try to steer you in the direction of some of the high-end machines thinking that they are doing you a favour by skipping a step, but in reality, they are merely making it harder for people to feel comfortable going into the treasure hunting business. More and more people are turning away from the super sophisticated and often complicated machines to enjoy the activity to its fullest with simple machines that deliver on quality. The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is the perfect way to begin your treasure hunting journey.

Simple but Sophisticated

The word simple is usually frowned upon when talking about new technology. There is a common misconception where people believe that a device has to be difficult to use in order to work correctly, but the simplistic design of the Fisher F2 Metal Detector gives users the ability to get comfortable with the metal detector and their surrounding search areas without having to worry with complicated settings and a control panel that you may need to keep the owner’s manual in your back pocket in order to understand. The display is large and easy for anyone to read and there are really not many buttons to confuse the user, so the simple, yet sophisticated design is perfect for people of varying experience levels to enjoy.

Take it Anywhere

The features that are available in many of the more advanced metal detector models not only allow for more confusion to new users, it also adds to the overall weight of the machine. Some of these machines can be quite heavy and make a long treasure hunting excursion quite exhausting. The lightweight nature of the Fisher F2 Metal Detector allows people of all ages and even strength levels to take on the treasure hunting like a champ. You need not fear for your arm becoming overworked because the comfortable grip and arm support are designed for maximum usability. In addition to the ability to take the device on long hunting excursions you can search for treasure practically anywhere with the machine being waterproof up to a full 8 inches in depth.

Tone ID

Metal detectors that we use tend to only have one tone to denote when something of interest may be lying beneath the surface. We simply dig it up without a second thought and usually end up holding a piece of non-biodegradable rubbish in our hands, but the Fisher F2 Metal Detector is equipped with not only recognition software to tell you what is in the ground, but four indicator tones to give you an audible notice of what is there as well. This feature may not seem like it is important, but the different tones allow for you to continually focus, but visually, as well as audibly.

Depth Indicator

With metal detectors being able to detect treasures deep into the ground they cannot always tell you exactly how deep the treasure you are digging for is. The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is enabled with a depth indicator that gives you a better perspective on how deep you may have to dig in order to reach the treasure beneath the ground. Treasure hunters will truly enjoy this feature for the ability to know where exactly in the ground the piece actually is. It takes a lot of the guess work out of the treasure hunt.

Target Categories

Sometimes you may feel like hunting for a specific type of treasure as opposed to digging up everything that the machine makes a sound over. The Fisher F2 Metal Detector allows for this with the ability to target specific categories such as coins or jewelry. This gives you the freedom to know that you will not be wasting your time digging up an item that may have absolutely no value. It targets the metals that are found within these items to ensure that the quality of that specific piece represents what you want out of your treasure hunting experience.

There are countless metal detectors on the market these days with more coming to the market with every passing day. The decision to purchase one is only half the battle. During your research, you will come upon both credible information and even some that may lead you astray. It is best to stick with metal detectors from trusted sources such as Fisher. The Fisher F2 Metal Detector is the perfect metal detector if you are looking to not invest your entire nest egg into a device. The simple design makes it a very good option for treasure hunters of all ages and the low cost matched with the amazing quality, makes this a remarkable piece to own.

Bounty Hunter TK4G Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4G Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4G detector is a good adult size piece of kit that makes light work of finding things – we just cannot guarantee you will make your millions! This is perfect for the novice who is just starting out. This is a battery operated offering that has a good battery life and is easy to learn to operate, it takes 9-volt alkaline batteries only. This is a motion operated sensor which means in order to detect metal the unit must be moved from side to side over a metal object, it will not detect anything when still. However the 20cm open frame coil is a great size and is waterproof, but bear in mind this refers to the head only, and the rest of the handle and control unit should never be submerged in water. You can safely detect for metal in shallow water.

In terms of metal hiding depth this unit can locate things that are up to 18cm down and the head has a ground balancing capability making it great to use on all types of soil. The head should be kept horizontal when sweeping, maintaining close contact with the ground the whole time rather than swung upwards at either side of the sweep. The detection alarm is a two tone noise and there is a headphone jack which will accommodate any standard 1/4” headphone socket in case you want to hunt without the competition hearing when you find something! (Headphones are not included). The padded arm rest makes the unit comfortable to use and further down the handle is a comfort grip for the hand to hold onto, great on colder days as you are not holding bare metal.

There is a sensitivity adjustment and a discriminate control and the display is analogue, with a low batterry indicator built in for convenience. The unit is easy to assemble and the accompanying user guide is well written and helpful. There are three modes of operation depending on your preferences: All metal, full discriminate and tone discriminate.

Bounty Hunter offer a 5 year warranty as standard which further evidences the quality of this detector. The unit offers a comfortable experience for adults of all heights but is likely too big for children, however it does offer some adjustment and is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. A neat little unit for newer treasure hunters.

X-Terra 705 Universal Metal Detector

X-Terra 705 Universal Metal Detector

The X-Terra 705 Universal Metal Detector is a multi coil metal detector which offers flexibility and is the perfect product for the more experienced seeker. As standard the unit comes with a 18.75kHz Double-D elliptical coil but there are other coils available to purchase separately to extend the range of use. There are 7 coils in the X-Terra range in total. This model features VFLEX technology, which is the newest class of single frequency detectors.

The unit itself is very light at just 1.32 kilograms and well designed for use by a range of people. There is height adjustability on the handle, which features an arm strap as well as a padded grip. This means you can let go of the unit to examine your latest find but not have to set the unit aside, it can rest against you secured by the strap. There is a useful rest on the back side of the handle when you do want to put it down.

This model has a digital display with lots of adjustable features for obtaining the perfect settings. The display is large and clear making it great to read at arms length and has a battery power indicator so you know when the batteries are running low. The unit requires 4xAA alkaline batteries but the life is good and you can expect to get over 20 hours of searching time making this an economical device to run.

Getting the unit set up is fairly tricky which is why this is not recommended for the total novice but if you have been using detectors for a while you will soon get to grips with the settings and the user guide is comprehensive and helpful. The unit can be used for gold prospecting as well as hunting out coins and treasure and the ground balancing adjustment is a manual setting with a range from 1-90 making it perfect for many terrains and has an automatic feature for beach, tracking and tracking settings. The adjustability means you can switch from one terrain to another and not have to stop and change detectors, and of course you can change the coil over if the need arises.

The unit features a two tone system and comes with a manufacturers warranty of three years making this a solid piece of kit great for the more experienced detector.

Minelab CTX 3030

Minelab CTX 3030

The Minelab CTX 3030 is a great metal detector that comes with a bundle of gear, giving you everything you need to head out and find hidden treasure. One of the really beneficial things about this model is the fact that it is waterproof, offering a great deal of freedom and choice. Many units feature a waterproof head, however the rest of the set up is not suitable for water use which can be limiting. This unit is waterproof to an impressive three metres or 10 feet – scuba gear not included!

This is a top of the range model that features GPS tracking and access to the navigation tool PC mapping which uses google maps, so you can see where you are headed and even where you have already been. You can use the WayPoints to mark points of interest, the FindPoints to record where you actually found your treasure and the GeoHunts feature records the whole exciting adventure.

This detector means business as it also offers a wireless audio experience, and comes with a set of headphones but is compatible with any wireless headphones of your choice. It is worth noting that the headphones and wireless module are not waterproof and cannot be used for that part of the experience. The full colour display is massively superior to others on the market and can be set to any one of 9 different languages. There are various quick menus which offer on the move adjustments and the unit has smart functionality meaning it can easily change sensitive, noise and ground balance.

There isn’t really much you can’t detect with this unit and the company boast ‘Ultimate FeCo Discrimination’ which means you can accept targets you do want and reject anything else. With their Target Trace and Target Separation you can identify more than one target at the same time for an improved performance.

This package also comes with gloves and a carrying bag as well as the previously mentioned wireless module and headphones. Due to the complexity and level of features on offer this is a unit better suited to the experienced hunter and would probably be under utilised by the novice seeker. However Minelab have an awesome reputation in their field and you can be sure that this unit will offer quality and performance backed up by a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 150 Metal Detector

The Garrett Ace 150 is a nice level entry detector for those wanting to have a go at finding hidden treasures. It offers a cracking performance at a budget that doesn’t break the bank. As with most similar offerings this unit is battery operated and requires 2xAA batteries, and whilst there are a starter pair included, replacing them certainly isn’t an expensive job. This is another manufacturer that offers interchangeable coils offering a greater expanse to the units usefulness

Garrett have a very good reputation in the field and this is a lovely light detector that can be put together in moments. It is also very easy to use and doesn’t have lots of complex settings. There are three buttons on the display panel and these are for mode, power and sensitivity. In terms of mode there are settings for coinage, jewellery and all metals which means you have a nice range of finds available.

On the LCD screen there is a depth indicator which gives you an indication of how deep the item you have found is buried which is useful. There is no battery indicator on this model, however the batteries often give between 20-30 hours of detecting between changes so you will be able to have a good idea of when they need changing. This unit is not classed as waterproof so on any rainy days will need you to cover the power unit – or stay in the dry until the rain has passed. However the head can be used in water to detect.

The tones are clear to differentiate so even in all metal mode you will have an idea of what you might have found. If you put the unit into coin mode you will notice immediately that the detector no longer takes any notice of metal such as ring pulls etc, and in jewellery mode coins and basic metal are ignored. The unit can detect items up to about 8 inches which is a reasonable depth and the accuracy is a 9 inch diameter as this unit does not offer a pin pointing feature, however that just adds to the fun.

It is a comfortable unit to hold, there is padding on the grip and on the arm rest at the top, and would be a suitable length for children and adults alike. There is a headphone jack that works with any suitable headphones. A great bit of kit.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

The Garrett AT Pro is a great example of a waterproof metal detector that sits at the lower budget end of the market but offers a stunning performance. In can be submerged up to 10 foot or 3 meters and they offer waterproof headphones to complete the package as a separate purchase. The unit features different tones for different finds so you will be able to learn from the noise what you have found before you dig for it. It has a 15kHx frequency for improved detection of smaller targets like gold nuggets and jewellery.

Once out of the box this is a very easy unit to assemble and looks great too. The handle is nicely paced and the arm guard has a strap to secure it, meaning you can use both hands to examine a find and not have to put the unit down. It is height adjustable from 42 – 51 inches offering a good level of ergonomic comfort for the taller or shorter user. It only weighs 1.4kgs and all these features combine to make it uber comfortable to use.

This machine has a really great depth range, whilst the manufacturer states up to 10 inches or so many people report it finding things at much deeper levels. The control panel looks a little daunting but with the help of the user guide it isn’t really that hard to get to grips with. It features three sections, one for the Iron Disc and mode, one for sensitivity and one for the Notch Disc. There are three modes pretty classically offered across all Garrett units, and these are Custom, Zero or Coins. In professional mode this model also offers a pinpoint function to narrow down the find area more accurately.

It comes with ground balance technology which enables it to either automatically or manually adjust to suit the terrain and offer the best performance. The screen also has a depth gauge and will identity whether the coin is 2,4,6,8 or even 10 inches below the surface to give you some idea when digging. This model has an on screen battery indicator and the unit runs off 4xAA batteries. Included in the box are a camo style cover and a coil cover. A very good offering from a very well respected manufacturer in the field that is backed by a two year limited parts and labour warranty.

Metal Detector Buyers Guide

There are few industries that have grown quite as much as the metal detector industry has in the last few decades. People have finally realized that given the materials to do so, they can pull actual treasure from the earth without the high cost of boats meant for ocean exploratory purposes. Metal detecting enables average people to have the tools to find treasures the earth has been holding onto for centuries. Although metal detecting has been around for many years, the recent improvements in the technology has made it a draw for many perspective treasure hunters, but there are some things that you need to know before you purchase your first metal detector. This guide will give you the knowledge you need to find the metal detector that is right for you.

The Metal Detector

Many people these days desire to use a metal detector without exactly knowing how the product works. Although you may not be building your own version of a metal detector and therefore not require knowledge of its inner workings, it never hurts to understand exactly how the device is able to see under the ground.

A metal detector, no matter what type you purchase, has relatively the same make up. It has a stabilizer at the top of the device that works in conjunction with the handle to hold the metal detector in a stable position while in use and just below the handle is the control box that is the actual brain component of the unit. The brain mechanism is connected to the shaft that ultimately is connected to the search coil at the base of the machine. All of these components utilize electromagnetic waves that detect metallic properties within the ground. The search coil sends all information to the control box to alert the user of the object in the ground.

What Do You Want from Your Metal Detector?

You do not make a purchase such as a metal detector without a reason for getting the device. Some people simply want a basic metal detector to walk around and see what treasures the outside of their own home holds. Others look to make it a hobby to walk around certain areas and find the treasures they seek. There is also a select group that take the act of metal detecting quite seriously and therefore make it a part of their everyday professional lives. The type of metal detector will depend on your intentions for the device.

What are You Looking For?

Before you determine which machine to purchase, you have to consider what type of treasure you are looking for. There are some different types of metal detectors that are designed to look for jeweler, gold, or silver for the more valuable pieces, but a general all around model is sufficient to look for all of it. These are usually the cheapest options when it comes to metal detectors. They can sense an object a few inches below the ground and do not usually tell you exactly what object is being detected, so instead of a diamond ring, you could be pulling up an empty can or some other piece of trash.

With more money invested in your metal detector you can get a lot more perspective on what exactly is in the ground. The technology within metal detectors has significantly grown over the last few years and they have become more sophisticated pieces of machinery. When you are willing to go up in price from the standard metal detector you get the benefit of that upgraded technology by being able to gage what the metal detector is detecting. The enhanced recognition technology enables you to filter through the trash and only focus your efforts on pieces that are worth digging up.

Pricing the Machine

The prices of metal detectors can range from a few hundred pounds all the way up to thousands depending on the type as well as the sophistication of the machine. For those just beginning in metal detecting, it may not be such a good idea to invest in the best machine available. Starting out small gives you the chance to explore without feeling as though you are obligated to find that one expensive item to pay for the machine. It gives you freedom to explore at your own pace. As you grow in your interests you can gradually step up to higher and therefore more expensive levels of the device. You can always sell you old machine to up and coming treasure hunters.

New Vs. Used

Practically anything these days can be purchased used or pre-owned if you do not like the word “used”. Used is not such a bad word when it comes to metal detectors. The lifespan of these machines are quite high with some lasting for decades with the proper care and maintenance. A used model may still have quite a bit of life in it and many online, as well as local sources, have a variety of metal detectors to choose from. There is absolutely no shame in buying a used machine, but some people simply prefer to be the one to take the metal detector out for its maiden voyage.

New machines do offer a few things that the used ones cannot. The first and most important aspect of a new metal detector is that it will likely have a warranty attached to it. The warranty gives you the freedom to know that you will have the ability to get the metal detector fixed or replaced should there be any mechanical issues while using it. Buying new also ensures that you can have access to the latest in metal detector technology. Sometimes having the latest model will mean the difference in pulling up a piece of rubbish or a priceless treasure.

What is Discrimination?

When you begin to research metal detectors you will be bombarded with many different terms that go along with the industry. One of the most common is the discrimination factor of the machine. That is a word that simply means the ability to discern one metal from another. A machine that has the discrimination feature is usually among the more expensive models. These are the metal detectors that offer a better glimpse of what is beneath the ground as opposed to requiring the user to dig up every object the machine hits on. Non-ferrous metals are among the most desired metals and the machine is able to tell the difference between these metals and ones that may not be of pure quality. This option is also able to be turned off and work as the traditional metal detectors you may be used to.

What to Look For

There are some people that believe that the best metal detectors are the ones with the best features and radar technology. Where this is true in theory, it is more beneficial to the person buying the machine to look at more than just the features. A manufacturer can simply add every feature available to the device, but if all features are not actually helpful to the user, the device will be a failure. There are more factors than just the features of the device.

Metal detectors have been around for many years and therefore there are some manufacturers that have proven to be better than others. When you are investing your hard-earned money into a machine you want to know that you are getting what you paid for and paying for the expected results. Online reviews are usually your best window into what you can expect from the machine you decide to buy. These reviews are conducted by real people that have purchased the machine and they are honest whether they have had a positive experience or not. The machines with the best reviews usually mark themselves as good quality and therefore a good investment on your part.

Physical Concerns

Metal detecting is a fun way to explore the world we live in. There are untold treasures beneath the ground, but metal detecting is not for everyone. Those that suffer from back pain can experience greater issues if they choose to lug around one of the heavier models. When choosing a machine, it is best to ensure that the weight of the machine is comfortable for you to handle without any physical pain. Metal detecting does not take a considerable amount of physical strength, but it does take some, so make sure that you can keep up with the physical demands when purchasing your new metal detector.

Other concerns that people may have when they decide to take on metal detecting is with the electronics of the machine. The technology within metal detectors is not well tolerated by those that utilize a pace maker. Before you embark on your pace maker adventure or even purchase a machine you need to consult your doctor to ensure that you are physically able to handle the machine and that it will not react with any previous medical devices you may have.

Metal detectors are wonderful pieces to own and they have to potential to make you a considerable amount of money when used properly. Purchasing a new or even a used machine can be quite an enjoyable experience provided that you follow the recommendations from above. Just remember to do your research fully into the intended product before you pay anything on it. Metal detecting is an enjoyable experience that brings people together like no other activity. With the limitless potential to find hidden treasures, you can get the whole family involved or simply use the activity for some much needed alone time. The point is always to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy metal detecting for all it can be.