Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
  • Review
  • Completely waterproof up to 3 metres
  • Ground balance for fine tuning to specific soil types and conditions
  • Iron audio for hearing discriminated iron
  • Adjustable pinpointing and frequency
  • 4 search modes

The Garrett AT Pro is one the latest high-performance metal detectors from Garrett. The first generation of AT Pro detectors came under harsh criticism for their frequent false signals, but the second generation are a notable improvement over this, with Garrett taking the time to correct all issues of the first-generation model.

As a result, the AT Pro is now one of the best performing mid-range metal detectors on the market. It’s known for producing fantastic finds, especially with valuable metals like sliver, while the usability makes it easy to use for pros and amateurs alike.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector ReviewDesigned to detect metal on all terrains, the AT Pro is suitable to use in virtually any location you can think of. It’s completely waterproof to a very impressive 3m depth, which is she highest you can expect to find for a detector. It means you can even go hunting in river beds and along coastal shores for those rare finds.

It also means the AT Pro is works in almost all soil conditions, which is always a sign of the overall quality of metal detector. For instance, the ground balance feature allows you to manually tune the AT Pro to accommodate certain soil types you’re searching.

It also comes with an auto ground balance, so you can still take advantage of the feature without needing to know specific settings. With the push of a button, the AT Pro distinguishes false signals to increase accuracy – just hold the button, wait for the buzzing noise to stop and then the ground balance is in effect.

To further improve the hunting experience, you can adjust both the frequency and pinpointing function of the AT Pro. The pinpoint can be used on its own to zone in on target location, or you can combine it with the frequency adjustment to change the sensitivity depending on what you are looking for.

The AT Pro comes with four search modes. The first of these is the zero mode, which is your basic all-metal mode just with a slightly different name attached. It doesn’t discriminate any metals and is generally used to find a hotspot.

The standard mode is ideal for beginners using the AT Pro. It provides full strength audio to help detect targets regardless of their depth, giving a single audio tone to let you know there is something located. While not the most advanced search method, it’s intended to be user friendly for beginners.

Pro mode will be the preferred option for seasoned detectorists, which gives a far more detailed audio tone when detecting something. The audio differs depending on the depth and size of the object, making it easier to distinguish different targets you come across.

Coin mode is designed to search for traditional targets such as coins and jewellery, discriminating against unwanted trash targets like ring-pulls and foil. There is also an option to create your own custom mode, which is a good feature for experienced users that have preferred settings they want to use.

Better still, you can customise each of the four main pre-set modes to accommodate your requirements. These don’t save, rather converting back to their default mode when the AT Pro is turned off, but it is another feature that advanced users are going to appreciate.

The VDI target numbers are a great feature for those wanting to know what they might be hunting. It is a function that lets the AT Pro display what type of object it thinks it has discovered, displaying an ID number that correlates with the item, such as a coin or piece of gold.

Granted, the accuracy isn’t always there, but this is a common feature in even the most advanced metal detectors, but it’s still a useful feature that gives a clearer idea of what you might have found on your hunt.

So, you may want to familiarise yourself with the Garrett ID numbers, so you know what number matches what item.

The overall performance of the AT Pro is excellent. It displays finds to depths of up to 25cm, and there are ample reports of users getting amazing finds when using the device. Don’t expect to get much deeper than this without sacrificing a lot of accuracy however.

But for the most part, the Garret AT Pro delivers. This high-performance metal detector is suitable to use on most terrains, making it a very versatile model, especially for searching in deeper water. The search modes are simple to use but very effective, while features such as ground balance only improve the already impressive accuracy of the AT Pro.

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