Teknetics G2 Metal Detector Review

The Teknetics G2 Metal Detector looks a little more old fashioned than some of the other metal detector options however it certainly does have a rugged charm to it. While the detector is ideally suited for coins and precocious metals the Teknetics G2 can serve a variety of uses. But is this the metal detector for you? Well let’s take a closer look at its features and specs to find out shall we?


While the Teknetics G2 is clad in the all too familiar black and silver colour scheme don’t let a more old fashioned approach to design stop you from enjoying this quality detector. The Teknetics G2 is easy to slot together and features extra padding along the arm grip for extra comfort and it also features Velcro straps for ease of carrying and a separate adjustable arm strap.

The LCD display may look a little old fashioned but it still gives a clear and crisp display that you can easily keep track off. However one small downside to be aware of is that the Teknetics G2 unfortunately doesn’t have a backlight meaning using it at night or in darker environments is going to be tricky.

The user interface also features thumb controls and membrane style touch buttons for extra ease of use. The Teknetics G2 Metal Detector really is a mix of the old and the new when it comes to design and altogether it works very well.

Features and Specs

The Teknetics G2 Metal Detector is a favourite of the gold and coin collector which is unusual when you consider the detectors high frequency of 19 khz. But because of its high-power and accuracy the Teknetics G2 really is a great choice for gold and coin hunters.

It also includes two headphone jacks both a 1/4 and 1/8 option but doesn’t come with any accompanying headphones so you will have to buy your own. There’s only two search modes an all-metal and discriminate which may seem lacking at first but does make it simpler. The control panel also gives you a clear depth readout and allows you to see your signal strength clearly.

The Verdict

The Teknetics G2 Metal Detector may not look like the most advance model of metal detector available and for good reason it’s not. But neither is it a bare bones budget model the Teknetics GS takes a simpler and bolder approach making it ideal for beginners or people who want enjoy metal detecting for recreational purposes.

However thanks to its power and more no-nonsense approach the Teknetics G2 will likely have fans and users who can be considered more professional or veteran metal detectors. It’s a versatile machine that is sure to be a popular choice for a wide range of people.

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Teknetics G2 Metal Detector
  • Teknetics G2 Metal Detector

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