INTEY Pinpoint Metal Detector Review

INTEY Pinpoint
  • INTEY Pinpoint Metal Detector Review


The INTEY pinpointing metal detector is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced users alike. Providing exceptional accuracy, a user-friendly design, and personalised detection, it’s provides pretty much everything you could need from a metal detector.

  • Pinpoint function for high accuracy detecting
  • Personalised metal detecting for finding different items
  • Waterproof coil
  • Adjustable stem
  • Ear jack with adjustable volume

The INTEY pinpoint metal detector offers an all-in-one metal detecting package that is perfect for those picking up the hobby, although those with plenty of experience using metal detectors will certainly like what they see too.

Perhaps the most notable function of the INTEY Pinpoint metal detector is its accuracy. This is a highly accurate metal detector, meaning the results are always going to be much better when out in the wild hunting for treasure.

INTEY PinpointThis is thanks to the pinpoint function which isn’t found in other detectors. When using a traditional detector, locating the metal is only half the battle – you then need to find the particular area it’s buried in and at what dept.

Pinpointing helps to get an accurate reading on the area the metal is buried, helping to isolate the area in the ground, resulting in much quicker detection. Doing so not only helps quickly find lots of treasure but helps to avoid damaging it when digging as you know the exact area where it’s buried.

Simply hit the red button on the device, and start sweeping around for a strong signal, passing over areas a few times to ensure the best results. It’s very effective, and when using high sensitivity, the detector is very capable of finding plenty of items.

Personalised metal detecting further enhances the accuracy of the INTEY. For instance, the detector has discrimination, meaning it finds and differentiates between metals, using their magnetic responses to know what metals are being detected.

As a result, you can use the INTEY to find a variety of buried treasures, from coins to jewellery to gold nuggets. To look for certain items, simply adjust the settings to discriminate against items you don’t want to find and then start searching.

For instance, the INTEY detector can discriminate between iron, zinc, coppers, and even pull-rings, the latter of INTEY Pinpoint detecting depthwhich is very useful for avoiding junk metal that only wastes your time. While it doesn’t find non-copper coins, it’s still very effective at locating those older coins buried in the ground.

You do need to be mindful of how to use detection however. Using the all metal setting does widen your net for finding different objects but will also detect a lot of trash buried in the ground, so you may need to play around with the settings for finding certain items.

That said, there is a very useful user guide that gives plenty of information about how to best use discrimination and the other detecting functions to best locate buried metals, so it should be easy enough to get used to.

An adjustable stem is a good feature too, as it makes for much more comfortable detecting by allowing you to set to correct length according to your height. As metal detecting is typically time consuming, it’s a great way to avoid straining your back from being hunched over all the time.

The stem extends from 29.9 to 40.1 inches, so should be able to cover most average heights, with enough length settings to accommodate most children too.

The INTEY also comes with an ear jack and adjustable volume. This is quite useful for various settings where you don’t want to be too disturbing to others, such as out in the streets or down by the beach, while it’s also great for getting better sound detection when out in noisy areas.

One often-overlooked aspect of metal detecting is fatigue. Carrying around a metal detector for several hours is tiring on the hands, arms and back, which is why the unique arc design of the arm support on the INTEY is a fantastic feature.

It keeps your hands in a more naturally comfortable position, while the lightweight ABS material ensures the detector doesn’t weigh too much, which is perfect for avoiding fatigue. Better still, the detector comes with carry case for easier transportation, and a shovel is even included so you can start digging right away.

Furthermore, this a durable metal detector, with both the coil and adjustable stem being completely waterproof. This allows for metal detecting in shallow bodies of water, which is ideal for catching those rare gold nuggets!

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