The Best Metal Detectors for Kids

When it comes to pastimes, many parents can find that their children are too interested in video games and TV, and can often be afraid to go out of their comfort zone. However, introducing children to the outdoor world doesn’t have to be a constant battle and consist of trips to the zoo and theme park, as there are many activities that can give children the excitement they desire, and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

Of course, there are activities that a number of children enjoy, such as football and hockey, but sometimes even sports can become a little repetitive to children. There are even instances when outdoor sports are simply shrugged off by children. Many may feel that there is nothing to entice their children into the outside world. However, thinking a little outside the box can mean children are introduced to a series of fun and exciting pastimes.

One such pastime that is often overlooked by children is metal detecting. On the surface, it would be easy to assume that metal detecting wouldn’t hold little prospect in relation to children, but as soon as they discover they could unearth many hidden treasures, metal detecting sudden becomes an interesting prospect.

Once a child realises the joy that can experience with metal detecting, they will also enjoy several other benefits. The first is that your child will be outside, enjoying the fresh air rather than finding it a hindrance. They will also be able to learn a series of life skills, including patience as they separate the treasure from the trash, as well as problem-solving skills.

What’s more, metal detecting can be enjoyed by the whole family. For example, days out can be given a surge of excitement as children look forward to discovering new areas to explore. Parents can also help children catalogue their collection, and help carry out research on more obscure items they may have found.

However, for children to fully enjoy the experience, they must have a metal detector that’s suitable and comfortable as well as being fun to use. As such, we need to consider a number of factors when purchasing a metal detector for children, as line anything, not one model suits everyone.

What Type of Budget Do You Have?

While you shouldn’t opt for a metal detector based on price alone, it’s important that you’re aware of how much you’re willing to spend. This will give you a shorter list to work with, making it a less-complicated experience. It also ensures that you’re not tempted to go outside of your budget. It’s worth noting that even entry-model machines can yield great results if you do the right kind of research.

What Features Are You Looking For?

Is your child new to the world of metal detecting, or are you looking for an upgrade? The features a child has can be very important as to how much they will enjoy the experience, and keep to it as a hobby. For example, do they become frustrated with endlessly finding items of no worth? Then it could be a good idea to consider a metal detector with a discriminating feature. Similarly, those looking to search the beach would need to ensure the metal detector has a waterproof coil.

When looking for a metal detector for children, you shouldn’t focus on features they’re not likely to use. If it has the basic components, and is reliable, then there is little reason as to why your child shouldn’t be able to enjoy metal detecting.


There are many metal detectors available that have a slew of features that look to impress seasoned treasure hunters globally, but in all honesty, your child will probably never need these features in the starting phase. As such, you should look for a metal detector that can effectively be used out of the box. General features to have on board include a battery indicator and sensitivity settings.

Do I Need to Purchase Additional Items?

When children are learning the basics of metal detecting, it’s very rare that they will need much else, although a small shovel is always handy. However, if your child decides that they wish to take metal detecting to the next level, then there are a number of accessories you can invest in.

For example, pinpoint probes allow for more precise findings. There are also a series of shovels and scoops that can be purchased to make hunting for lost items a less time consuming endeavour

Fortunately, there are many metal detectors that children will find easy-to-use, while serving their purpose. The following five models are worth your consideration if you’re looking to purchase a metal detector for the younger brood. All the following metal detectors are recommended for different reasons, but when it comes to practicality and cost-effectiveness, then the following metal detectors are well worth your consideration.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal DetectorThe size of the metal detector can be a huge factor to consider when making a purchase, especially if your child is going through something of a grow spurt. Fortunately, the Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector can extend from 52cm to 80cm, meaning it could be used by children of all sizes. Weighing in at 0.7 kg, children can ensure that they are enjoying the experience, rather than struggling with a heavy metal detector.  The features are limited when compared to adult counterparts, but the main functions are in place, and offer some excellent results give its target market. As well as detecting the presence of precious metals, it also gives a handy trash-elimination and good proportional volume to signal strength ratio.

Children are easily able to ascertain as to how much battery life they have left, thanks to a visual battery indicator. The sensitivity of the metal detector can be amended to your child’s preferences, and it also comes with a handy trash eliminator, meaning a greater yield for your child when they’re out and about with their metal detector.


Beginners Discriminating Metal Detector

Beginners Discriminating Metal DetectorAnyone who has been in the beginning stages of metal detection can testify as to how frustrating it can be separating the iron from the silver and the steel for the gold. Being able to find a series of rewards means often requires the use of a discriminator. Fortunately, the Beginners Discriminating Metal Detector is able to sieve through the different medals, putting children on the right track when it comes to unearthing a series of objects.

The metal shaft can be adjusted to suit the child’s height, and the search coil is waterproof, measuring an impress 16.5cm. When metal detecting, children are given a clear indication of potential prizes nearby with a clear analogue metre as well as audible indications that are easy on little ears.


Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector with Multi-Function Folding Shovel

Amzdeal Lightweight Metal detector with Multi-function Folding ShovelWhen looking at metal detectors, there will be times when a model just doesn’t work for your child, regardless of how user-friendly it is. There can often be attributed to the weight, which can mean metal detecting suddenly seems less-enjoyable. However, budding parents shouldn’t give up at this junction, as there are metal detectors that are designed to be lightweight. Case-in-point being the Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector, designed for those who find other metal detectors a little too cumbersome. As such, it can even be used by adults should they find their own is inoperable thanks to an adjustable alloy measuring between 85 cm and 115 cm.

Although wet terrain should often be avoided, the Amzdeal Lightweight metal detector does allow for treasure hunting in shallow water, as long as children don’t go beyond 18.5 cm.

Of course, different children will be looking for different objects, and need to have the correct settings to hand to ensure that they are successful in their hunt. Fortunately, the Amzdeal Lightweight metal detector has two operating modes, which are All-Metal and Disc All-Metal. This allows for children to search for a series of different metals, meaning there are few limitations.

The Amzdeal metal detector could be seen as inferior when compared to others on the list, but it’s purely about finding your child’s comfort level, and if other metal detectors are simply too heavy, then this is a worthwhile purchase. Sure, they may be a couple of sacrifices to make, but all the main components are in place, meaning that is able to what is needed to get your child on the right path without struggling with a heavy metal detector.


Visua Lightweight Discriminating Metal Detector

Visua Lightweight Discriminating Metal DetectorThe Visua Lightweight Discriminating metal detector is ideal for children, and can even be used by adults who are new to metal detecting. The metal detector can pretty much be used straight out of the box, thanks to its easy assembly, a must when it comes to metal detectors for children. It also comes complete with a booklet that teaches children the basic concepts of metal detecting.

When it comes to metal detectors, it can be normal for children to opt for a more expensive model purely based on the novelty value alone, but the truth is the Visua Lightweight Discriminating metal detector offers good value for money, as it delivers results that could often be attributed to models three times the price

The depth of operation can vary depending on the type of the surface, but averages between 16cm and 20cm. A great all-round metal detector that is easy to set up and a breeze to use.

Duramaxx Waterproof Lightweight Metal Detector

Duramaxx Waterproof Metal DetectorOne of the many worries parents have when buying their child their first metal detector is whether the metal detector itself will be robust enough. While many metal detectors are sturdy, its real test is when it’s in the hands of a budding young treasure hunter. Fortunately, the Duramaxx metal detector is strong enough to withstand the pressures of any child’s hunting regime, while remaining lightweight.

The Duramaxx metal detector weighs the same as a bag of sugar, so around 1kg. However, this isn’t the only reason as to why the Duramaxx is so comfortable. It also comes with arm rest, which is truly the metal detector’s greatest feature. Those who have been metal detecting for some time will know how addictive it can be. As such, it is inevitable that children will end up carrying the metal detector for great lengths of time, and this made easier thanks to the clever design of the arm rest.

Background noise can easily be eliminated, as headphones can be attached thanks to the inclusion of a jack. What’s more, the sounds are easy on the ear, making the finding of objects a true joy.

Ferrous and precious metals can be located easily thanks to the Duramaxx’s distinction settings, as well as adjustable audio and visual alerts, making the finding of loose coins and ancient artefacts a much easier endeavour.

Metal detecting is like any hobby, in that we must learn the basics before moving onto the more complex side of metal detecting. While some children may develop a greater interest than others, it’s important that they can find the experience enjoyable. The above metal detectors not only allow for children to approach metal detecting in the right way, but they also provide everything they need when starting out.

If you are in the market for a more advanced model check out metal detector reviews guide.

The Best Metal Detectors for Kids
  • The Best Metal Detectors for Kids

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