Minelab CTX 3030 Review

Minelab CTX 3030
  • Review
  • Waterproof up to 3m
  • GPS Locating
  • PC Mapping
  • Five pre-set modes

The CTX 3030 is another fantastic release from Minelab, one of the best manufacturers of high quality metal detectors. Known for creating quality metal detectors that are as close to a professional device as you can in this price-range, the CTX 3030 is yet another premium detector that comes with a range of awesome features that detectorist enthusiasts will appreciate.

Those that are new to the world of metal detecting may find the CTX 3030 difficult to operate at first, as there are several advanced features that require some experience to come to grips with. Thankfully, instructions are included with the CTX 3030, and even those that are used to using metal detectors should read over this manual to get the most from the product.

Minelab CTX 3030As an all-terrain metal detector, the CTX 3030 is very robust, featuring a weighty design that doesn’t feel too heavy or cumbersome. It is heavier than most standard detectors however, weighing over 2kg when fully assembled.

The unit is ergonomically designed though, with most of the weight coming from the back of the arm rest on the stem, so using it for long periods shouldn’t cause fatigue or straining. For the most part, it’s very comfortable to hold for several hours.

As mentioned, it has a rugged design, with the CTX 3030 being completely waterproof to an impressive 3 metre depth. This is certainly one of the best waterproof depths you’ll find for a metal detector, allowing you to search in those more difficult spots in river beds and along the coast.

The CTX 3030 comes with 10 unique modes, although the final four modes (from 6-10) are customised so you need to program them yourself, with the remaining modes being what you’d expect from a detector.

Coin and relic modes are more common than the others are ideal for finding those sought-after treasures, while the beach and sliver modes are a more unique setting found with the CTX 3030. They work very well to find those more difficult metal objects, and you can even adjust each of these modes to accommodate different settings you want, while there is also a standard all-metal mode.

These do require some tinkering to get used to, with the different settings allowing you to adjust various patterns that are pre-set for each mode. It doesn’t change the original pre-set mode, rather saving it into your customisable slots, which can then be instantly used with the designated pre-set buttons.

Better still, you can download pre-set programs to save you hassle of creating one yourself! There are hundreds to be found online, whichMinelab CTX can be easily downloaded and saved into the CTX 3030.

One of the most impressive aspects of the CTX 3030 is the advanced control box. Unlike most metal detectors, it features a fully coloured LCD display screen, making menu navigation and adjusting settings that bit easier.

Moreover, it allows you to view GPS tracking systems directly onto the CTX 3030. Using a GSP system called Geostore, you can store and view up to 100 maps on the coloured screen, while the navigation tool lets you know where to go based on your previous locations.

It’s a fantastic inclusion for a metal detector, making hunting even more effective when out in large areas, letting you mark every spot you find something.

Most detectorists have scanned over the same area on several occasions without even realising it, so a GPS feature is incredible useful and helps to elevate the CTX 3030 above most of its competitors.

Detecting with the CTX 3030 is further improved with the wireless audio feature. Using the wireless headphones and module, you get a clear audio signal whenever detecting something with minimal delays, allowing for better reaction times.

Detection is of the highest level with the CTX 3030. It utilises full band spectrum 2 transmission, which basically combines full spectrum transmission and an advanced digital coil to create an advanced signal analysis that produces exceptional accuracy.

Simply put – this detector will know the difference between those valuable targets and useless trash.

It’s best used with the pre-set modes to begin with, as adjusting sensitivity requires some trial and error. Plus, the CTX 3030’s pre-programmed modes come with great settings anyway, so you should be fine using these initially.

After you get home from a long day hunting with the CTX 3030, the fun doesn’t stop. Thanks to the integrated GSP, you can upload the locations of your detecting finds to help map out the area. It transfers onto Google Maps using the Xchange 2 PC app for easy viewing and analysis of your treasure hunting adventure.

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