Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector Review

The Garret Ace line is a popular model amongst metal detector users old and new and with the Garrett Ace 400i metal detector they have claimed that this model is the king of their already fine collection. An ambitious statement for sure but is it accurate? Well let’s take a closer look at the Garrett Ace 400i metal detector and find out.


The Garrett Ace 400i takes the standard design you’ve likely already seen in the many other Garrett Ace models although the cross-shaped coil is something new to this model. The shaft arm also features extra padding for a more comfortable grip and a Velcro strap so you can more easily carry with you when not in use.

While the Garrett Ace 400i may look a little on the bulky side in pictures it’s actually more compact than you might think and is also very light weight with a total weight of just 1.32kg. It comes out of the box in three simple put-together parts and the digital display allows you to easily keep track of your settings. The classic yellow and black colouring also gives it a simple yet bold look that many people will likely find appealing.

Features and Specs

Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector reviewThe Garrett Ace 400i metal detector features a slightly more advanced range of features than the 300 and Garrett Ace 300i models. While it might be a little overwhelming for beginners to metal detecting with some practice you’re sure be impressed with the wide ranging capabilities of this versatile and powerful machine.

The digital targeting ID features a wide scale of 0 to 99, 10 khz frequency with improved sensitivity and depth and a range of 5 search modes. So whatever you’re searching for you’re likely to find it with this machine. Amongst the five search modes you have: jewellery, coins, relics, zero discrimination and even a custom mode that you can set yourself.

The digital display easily allows you to alter your settings with just the press of a button and it also features a new iron audio setting which allows you to hear the normally quiet discriminated iron so you can avoid accidentally digging for it. Plus with the in-built Garrett Clearsound Easy Stow Headphones you won’t have to worry about finding a compatible pair.

The Verdict

The Garrett Ace 400i metal detector is certainly an impressive machine and you can see why it’s been called the king of the Garrett Ace line. The wide range of features along with the digital display make it easier for you find buried treasures wherever you’re searching.

However while it’s certainly packed with everything you could need beginners to metal detecting could easily be overwhelmed. There is a learning curve to this machine but if you’re well versed with metal detectors already or are willing to put the effort into learning then this a great metal detector to have.

Preview Product Price
Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector £339.00

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Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector
  • Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector

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