Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector Review

Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector
  • Review
  • All-metal and discrimination modes
  • High sensitivity
  • Waterproof design
  • Adjustable volume with audio jack
  • Flashing light when metal detected
  • Adjustable stem

The Amzdeal is an all-terrain metal detector that is a fine choice for anyone looking to get started in the world of metal detecting. As an entry-level model, those without much experience will certainly find a lot to like with the Amzdeal detector, with a host of great features that are perfect for a beginner.

Amzdeal Lightweight Metal Detector ReviewOne aspect of the detector that makes it suitable for beginners is its simple usability. The control box comes with a large LCD display and three adjustable knobs for controlling sensitivity, volume, and discrimination.

This makes the Amzdeal simple to operate, with just a few quick adjustments needed to get you started on your detecting adventure – simply move the knobs to desired setting and start detecting.

You will need a 9V battery to power the unit, but other than that it is good to go straight from the box, which is always great for beginners that are excited to try out their new toy.

While experienced detectors may view the features as basic, the Amzdeal is designed for inexperienced users, so it’s actually simple by design. Just adjust the volume, set the sensitivity to high, and select a discrimination mode to get going.

Speaking of, the discrimination mode is certain a feature to expect from a modern metal detector, which allows users to discriminate between different types of metals. The Amzdeal can discriminate between iron, zinc, pull-rings, and coins, allowing users to search for specific items while avoiding annoying pieces of junk.

For a more straight-forward search, set the Amzdeal to the all-metal mode and the detector will look for any type of metal without discrimination. Using a combination of auto ground balance and high sensitivity, the detector quickly searches through the ground for all types of metals.

While it’s easier to come across rubbish in this mode, it does make it easy to find hot-spots that can then be searched more thoroughly with different settings.

Another impressive part of the Amzdeal is just how lightweight the metal detector is. Again, it’s designed for Amzdealbeginners in mind, so the last thing anyone new to metal detecting wants is for the unit to be heavy and cause fatigue. This also makes it suitable for children to use, with the detector weight under 2kg.

To ensure private detecting wherever you go there is an audio jack input for using headphones with the detector. This is great for finding objects in crowded areas where there is more noise around, such as the beach, while keeping the noise disruption to minimum where you’re detecting.

As mentioned, this is an all-terrain metal detector, making it suitable for use in shallow freshwater and saltwater location. This is perfect for finding treasure in the bed of a shallow stream – where gold nuggets can be found – as well as finding items along the shoreline.

Although when comparing performance in saltwater and freshwater locations, the Amzdeal is generally more accurate in freshwater. It can still be used in saltwater, you just may struggle to detect as much like with freshwater.

The stem of the detector is completely adjustable too. It can be adjusted from heights of 33.5 inches to 45 inches, making it easier to find the right height to avoid straining your back or shoulders. To further improve usability there is an ergonomic arm support that should help avoid arm strains.

Should you detect some metal with the Amzdeal detector, a clear blue light will flash on the LCD display along with the beeping sound, while there is also a red display light for when the battery is running low.

The battery life is okay, but you may want to take a spare 9V battery for those longer hunts, as there is a chance of it running dry during prolonged use. There is also a carry case for easier transport and a handy shovel for digging up your first few finds.

The Amzdeal metal detector is a great option for first-time buyers. It’s got a range of useful features but is very simple to use, allowing you to search for various metal objects without difficulty, making it espiecally good for kids.

It may not be the more powerful or accurate of detectors, and the features are lacking compared to high-end models, but it is mainly targeted towards beginners who will certainly find plenty to like with the metal detector.

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