Minelab Safari Hobby Metal Detector Review

Minelab Safari Hobby Metal Detector
  • Review
  • Full band spectrum technology allows use of multiple frequencies
  • Great depth and accuracy
  • 4 pre-set modes
  • 4 custom modes
  • Auto and custom ground balance

The Minelab Safari is serious piece of metal detecting hardware that gives users some of the best depth and accuracy readings in the market. This is a powerful detector that’s great for finding all manner of treasures, from coins and relics to small nuggets of gold.

While the hardware is certainly impressive it doesn’t add too much in terms of weight and size. The total weight is around 1.8kg with the coil and stem combined, which is on the heavier side compared to certain detectors, but the high-performance makes it more than worth it.

Minelab Safari Hobby Metal DetectorDelivered in five separate parts, constructing the Minelab Safari isn’t difficult. Connect to the two portions of the stem together, combine this with the coil and control box, and then finish of off by adding the arm support strap.

The steam can be adjusted too if it’s too long or short, which is great because you always want the correct length to avoid straining your back when using the detector. With a maximum length of 54 inches, it should be fine for taller people, while the minimum length of 43 inches is fine for anyone shorter – it may not be too good for children though, espiecally given the heavier weight.

At first glance, the settings on the control box may seem daunting, but they are relatively straight-forward to learn. For instance, there is a clear display on the LCD screen that highlights all the detectors info, including depth, identification, battery life, and what mode is in use.

With 11 buttons it does seem like a lot to learn, but most of these are rather basic in their function. For example, you have a power button, navigation buttons, and accept/reject buttons, while there are four mode options surrounding the screen.

The pre-set modes just require one hit and you start searching for specific metals using discrimination to distinguish between various items. It’s standard modes for a metal detector, with all metal mode, relic mode, coin mode, and coin and jewellery modes available.

These are ideal for those that aren’t that experienced with how to set their detector for more precising searching, while the option to create a custom search mode will certainly appeal to experience users that know what they’re looking for.

So, with intuitive pre-set modes and customisable options, the Minelab Safari has something to offer beginners and advance detectorists Minelab Safari Hobby Metal Detector Reviewalike. Granted, the price may be off-putting for those new to detecting, but it’s certainly an investment worth making for those serious about their hobby.

The Minelab Safari utilises full band spectrum (FBS) technology, which results in an operating frequency between 1.5kHz and 100kHz. It’s a notable feature of the detector, as not many in this price range have FBS technology, which greatly improves the overall performance of the Minelab Safari.

This allows users to make use of 28 different frequencies, providing much better sensitivity, depth and accuracy readings. By using digital filtering, the Minelab Safari eliminates those problematic ground signals that would otherwise slow down a hunt. It helps to improve performance in all conditions too, so is a great feature that helps the Minelab Safari stand out from most it its competition.

Other modes are available that further enhance the performance of the Minelab Safari. Pinpoint is a standard feature but one you always expect, allowing you to pinpoint the specific area of the metal to start your digging. Simply start pressing pinpoint after receiving a good signal and you’ll find that target with greater accuracy.

Another fantastic mode is trash density. This feature allows you to set the coil to different density options depending on where you might be, allowing the detector to better distinguish between trash items, like foil and ring-pulls, and wanted targets. It’s great for detecting in trash-heavy lands, significantly reducing the amount junk finds by setting to high trash density mode.

There is also a low trash setting mode, which is best used on those remote locations where you don’t expect to find high volumes of trash, Given the frequency range of the Minelab Safari, the trash density mode is very reliable, reducing the amount of junk finds during your hunt.


The Minelab Safari offers great value for money for those seeking a high-performance metal detector at a reasonable price. Various pre-set modes make it easy enough to use for beginners, but experienced detectorists are really going to appreciate the power, sensitivity, and accuracy of the Minelab Safari.

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