Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector Review

The Garrett brand is a favourite of many metal detector enthusiasts from the professional to the beginner. The Garrett Ace 300i metal detector certainly lives up to this reputation with its simple and lightweight design along with its impressive array of features, this metal detector is sure to be a popular choice but is it the right choice for you?


The Garret Ace 300i looks similar to many of the other past models of the Garret Ace line and while it might not be the most futuristic model of metal detector on the market its simplistic design certainly does have its pros. For one thing it’s simple and easy to use and while it might be light weight it’s also very strong and sturdy.

The means it can survive any accidental falls or drops and because it’s light weight it’s also easier to carry around over more difficult terrain. It also features a padded forearm support and handgrip so using it for extended periods won’t be uncomfortable. Solely from a cosmetic design point of view the black and yellow colouring is also aesthetically pleasing.

Features and Specs

Garrett Ace 300i Metal DetectorThe Garrett Ace 300i metal detector as an impressive range of features must notably the digital targeting ID with a wide scale of 0 to 99 this offers you a wealth of visual targeting information and ensures you get a more accurate reading. It also features a waterproof search coil, an 8 khz frequency with improved sensitivity and depth.

It also features an improved adjustable frequency meter so you can easily cut down on any surrounding interference. Along with the improved pinpointing feature you can now more accurately find any buried treasures underground. Last of all the iron resolution on the Garrett Ace 300i has also been greatly improved helping you search more accurately and easily when you’re in iron laden areas.

The Verdict

So should you buy a Garrett Ace 300i metal detector? Well if you’re looking to make a start with metal detecting then the Garrett Ace 300i is certainly one of the best metal detectors for beginners in the UK. It’s packed with useful features that will help ensure a more accurate search and the light weight makes it much easier to comfortably carry with you.

While the Garrett Ace 300i metal detector might not be the most luxurious model of metal detector available it as everything you could need to ensure a thorough scan even in more difficult terrain. It’s a great detector for beginners but would still make a great choice for the more veteran metal detector user.

Preview Product Price
Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector £258.00

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Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector
  • Garrett Ace 300i Metal Detector

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